Thursday, 25 January 2018

Wings to fly

Wings to Fly

Children should have enough freedom to be themselves once they have learned the rules.
It is not what you do for your children,
But what you have taught them to do for themselves,
That will make them successful human beings.

You all have heard about a boy and caterpillar story. Boy likes the beautiful caterpillar and kept him at his home and daily feed him leaves and fruits. One day caterpillar went under metamorphosis, boy was excited that caterpillar will turn into a beautiful butterfly. But when the day came and caterpillar tried to came out. This overly concerned boy helped him in coming out and rest is the history. That caterpillar never had beautiful wings to fly instead he had swollen wings with which he can’t fly.
Same thing will happen with our child or children if we not give them their share of freedom and struggle. They will not learn how to make their own decisions. They will resist to take risk or raise their voice in life. They will not learn how to cope up with the problems.
Give them freedom, trust their instincts. They will out pass your inhibitions. Freedom doesn’t means to just let them go out with friends and party, Freedom means the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.

Freedom from Unnecessary Competition: Today’s era is an era of competition. To survive in this world, one has to continuously compete with the others. Everyone is running in this rat race, and want to be ahead of others. Parents are forcing their children to be the part of this unhealthy competition.  To satisfy their own ego, they want to showcase their children in the society. Nowadays if you visit your relatives or friend and if they have small kid in their house, the moment you enter their home they start glorifying their kid. Baby sing a rhyme, show your dance move, show them your awards.

Freedom from Biasness: Even after 70 years of independence, biasness is still prevailing in our society. Biasness related to gender, caste, creed, color and so many other things.
I want my kid to feel free from all kind of biasness, he should never judge anyone on the basis of their gender, color and caste. I have seen kids especially girls are get judged by their looks and color of their skin. So many commercials are running on television promoting the fairness not only for girls but for boys also. People’s credibility and intelligence is now getting judge by their color of skin.
Recently I went out for shopping for my kid in a big branded store, there I found separate bed time story for boy and girls... Are you serious guys bed time stories are also different for boys and girls. I never got this why blue is for boys, and pink for girls?
Treat boy and girl equally, allotment of house chores should be equal. Boy should know how to manage home (this way you’re helping your future daughter in law) and girl should know about worldly affairs.
Freedom to Choose their Life: Never force your child to live their life as per your standard. Let them be free bird, give them wings to fly. Few of parents want their kids to fulfil their own dreams, which they can’t achieve in their own life. Let the child decide what he wants for himself. Parents want their children to select particular stream for their study and career. Parent want to select life partners for their children. They are independent enough, if you give them right values and education, children will never let you down. Parents have to trust their children, it’s their life and they will also have one life to live. It’s completely fine if they want to become dancer, or photographer or player instead of doctor and engineer. Everybody cannot become Einstein or A.P.J Abdul kalam Azad or Sachin Tendulkar. Accept your child the way they are, love them and respect their decisions.

Freedom to talk and Express: Freedom to speak and share their opinion or express their view is everyone’s right... then why not children have this fundamental right. In our household kids are considered of less importance. People think kids don’t know what is right or what is wrong. Give them chance to share their views and opinion and you never know you will get the better ideas from them. Involving them in decision will boost up their confidence, and this will further help in future. They will learn risk taking and start making their own decisions. Let them express their feelings if they don’t feel good about anything give them chance to express their feeling... Be their friend with them to certain extent so that they will come to you and tell you what is going on in their life. They can share their innermost feelings with you.
Many parents tell their boys not to cry, according to them boys are tough and that they cannot express their feelings in front of others. Let them express their emotions, crying doesn’t make your boy any weaker than others…

Freedom with Responsibility: “With freedom comes great responsibility.”  If parents are giving equal freedom to their kids. It’s become their responsibility to use it wisely. It’s parent’s duties to teach them if we are giving you freedom, it means we trust you and your actions. By giving them freedom we are believing in their course of action. Children should never take their freedom for granted. Now it’s their duty to prove their parents right, and parent should always keep check them on their actions and whenever it is required you should help them and teach them.

Parents should trust their children and believe in their dream. Children need little support and then they will come out with flying colors. If they get fail in their actions,never discourage them,always support them. Give them new hopes and desires to fight back again,because we parents are their pillar of strength and support.
When a child is doing something she's passionately interested in,
she grows like a tree in all directions.
This is how children learn, how children grow.
They send down a taproot like a tree in dry soil. 
The tree may be stunted, but it send out these roots, 
 and suddenly one of these little taproots goes down and strikes a source of water .
And the whole tree grows. 
                                                                                   John Holt

This blogpost is a part of blogathon #letsdiscussfreedom. I would like to thanks Raaghvi introducing me.
Would like to introduce Jasmeet go and read her views on " Your take on giving freedom to kids."


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  1. You had me at its not what you do for your children, but what you teach them to do for themselves. We need to help them blossom into thinkers, and automatically all other freedom's will follow.

  2. I could echo every word written in your post. It is so important to let children be, encouragement is good but interference will only hamper the child in the long run.

  3. That's so well written. Indeed kids need freedom to excel and succeed in life.

  4. Completely agree..freedom from so many things is needed for our kids. Freedom to fly and freedom to choose is important and as parents lets give it to them.

  5. So well written - really love Freedom from Unnecessary Competition