Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Just living is not enough…
One should have sunshine, freedom and a little flower
Hans Christine Andersen

We got freedom from the British India company long ago, our freedom fighters sacrificed their life and family for the wellbeing of fellow countrymen, so that their future generations can live in a free space without any fear of life…After freedom Indian economy grew amazingly, saw the high of its time and still we are growing at jet space. But what about the freedom, this technology which is meant for the benefit of mankind, or to simplify one’s life has slowly become the dictator of our life, and we people become the slaves of our own developed technology. Technology which was meant as a boon, became bane. In our daily life we depend for everything on the technology-based product, in every nook and corner of our house we can find the technology accustomed and customized things.

Technology is a useful servant,
 but dangerous master.
Christian lans lounge

1.Freedom from Gadgets: Our life is totally depending on gadget these days, from the dawn to dusk we are engrossed in technology. We are virtually connected to people, family and friends but do we actually talk to them or do we really care about them…We are one touch away from them but our hearts are distant apart, technology not only makes our life simpler but gives us new era diseases which is popularly known as sedentary lifestyle diseases.
What an irony I’m writing about technology hazards and myself using phone and laptop.

2.Freedom from Pollution: Our own created slave is now destroying our mother nature. Hazardous emission of gases from vehicles and factories are making our environment polluted, which is not safe for our future generations. Rivers are getting polluted by the waste from chemicals by factories and industries which is not only endangering the life of water species but also of human being who are drinking that water. The funny part is this we used technology to disturb the ecological balance, and now again we are using technology-based products to rectify the problems. The air which is highly poisonous in certain areas of India and in during winter season the weather is not suitable for people, we are using air purifier to clean the air which is again not good at certain extent. And the most toxic waste that we are leaving in the environment is E-waste. Electronic waste adversely effects human health and environment.

3.Freedom from Plastics: Plastic pollution is caused by accumulation of plastic in the environment which adversely affect wild life, marine life and human habitat. Nowadays we are using plastics everywhere, milk was delivered at our door step in plastic bags. Vegetable and fruits are packed in the polythene and are easily available to us. Presence of BPA in plastic products cause serious health issues in human being. We are using non-disposable diapers, and wipes for the babies and kids which in turn disturbing our ecological balance. Every household is full of these plastic and poly bags. If the plastic bags are not disposed of properly and throw here and there, they can make landfill barren.

4.Freedom from Adulteration: Mixing of any type of chemical and pathogens in food to increase the quantity of food in raw form or prepared form, but they loss the quality standard is known as adulteration. People for their own use adding the adulterant in food items which is affecting the health of kids, adults and old people. Adulteration is not only in food but the medicines also, people are making adulterate medicine which are causing negative effects on the health of people.

5.Freedom from Rage: Yes, I literally meant “Rage” which means violent and uncontrollable anger. Today’s generation people are so violent that they can’t control their anger. Everyday we heard about road rage, air rage and there are so many types of rage. What is the cause of this rage?  The Answer is hidden emotions, when we didn’t express our feelings and emotions, and confined ourselves.  The sudden outburst of emotions in violent manner is rage. Technology took the human emotions away, we are so much engrossed in the technicality that we lost all the feelings of love, care, sadness and anger. We forgot to emote or express our feelings.

I know the conditions has become worst but still there are chances of improvement. Before becoming mother even, I didn’t care much about all these things. But now I realize the importance and usefulness of mother nature and environment. We can also leave something good for our future generation, so that they can also survive happily.
When there is a will, there is a way.
The solution to every problem is very simple:
Reduce the use of technology.
Start Reusing things.
Recycle the products.
Express your feelings
These 3 R’s & 1 E can save our environment and it will again became better place to live.
This is my idea of freedom to make our society and environment free from all the hazardous things and make it a beautiful and wonderful place for kids to live and enjoy it.

This blog is a part of blogathon #letsdiscussfreedom i would like to thank Raaghvi thetinyamma.wordpress.com to introduce me.

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  1. Your interpretation of freedom is really thoughtful...well explained!

  2. Your interpretation of freedom is really thoughtful...well explained!

  3. Loved your post. We definitely need freedom from rage adulteration and pollution ..

  4. Yes, we need freedom from all of these. Such great thoughts, I am loving reading everyones interpretation on this topic.

  5. It is a very thought provoking post. especially about freedom from rage - it is very important that we learn to channelise our energies in a positive direction than being angry and upset about everything around us

  6. Loved this post! how thoughtful and well written! Indeed when all these things are out of our system(gadgets atleast for some time), we can progress towards a better nation

  7. Yes, we need freedom from all these things and technology is also something which has made us its slaves. Good one.

  8. I agree with your quote. Technology is a dangerous master.

  9. Totally agree! We need freedom from things that lessen the value of life

  10. Freedom from rage tops my list any day. God knows we need this!

  11. I love the freedom from rage thought. Raging has become so easy these days all thanks to technology and social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. I doubt people would have the courage to do this face to face. Even if people dont have a first hand experience people rage. Its causing half of the worlds problems today.

  12. Freedom is just a state of mind, One needs to be free from self doubt and there is nothing that can't be achieved..kudos to the article