Sunday, 31 December 2017

Baby Photoshoot.

"Photography takes an instant out of time,
altering life by holding it still."
by:Dorothea Lange

Nowadays photoshoot has become important call of the life,whenever you open your Facebook or instagram account you will get to see lots of pictures of prewedding shoot,maternity shoot,baby's shoot.Earlier we didn't know this term actually,photoshoot basically meant for the models or promotions of some commodity or products but now the era has changed we are in 21st century so anyone can do phooshoot anywhere.
But i thinks it's a very good thing that came into existence for the common people the technology has developed so much that big cameras which cameraman were using earlier with different types of lenses are available now in small and readily form.I didn't know much about camera and photography so i am not the right person to write about it more,lets come back to our original topic photo shoot.What i remembered when i was a child either on every birthday or new year we go to these photo studio near our place all dressed up in our best clothes and get clicked by the photographer in the signature pose (children were sitting in their parents lap) and some later we got this kodak camera which had that black reel inside and we can click maximum 36 photos from it and then give it to studio to develop and if by mistake the reel got exposed to sunlight or anything all the photos will gone this happened with me twice and thrice.
Photo shoot really helped us to store the memories of our particular celebrations and the amazing part is the candid pictures they are awesome we got all the pictures with the natural expressions,i really like the concept of photo shoot though with our mobile cameras daily we clicked the pictures of our self and baby but amateur like me never get that perfect shot but this shoot photography come like sigh of relief to us.
On Arinjay's first birthday we planned to do a photo shoot of him with all the family members so that we can save the memories of his birthday with the grandparents and parents in the most  beautiful way.There are the some pointers that we have to consider before doing the shoot which i would like to share with you all.
1.Plan Your Action: Plan all your things before hand so that you will be stress free on the day of shoot which is very important.
  1. What do you want from this shoot discuss with the photographer?
  2. What is your requirement from the shoot?
  3. How you want your pictures to be come out?
  4. If you have any pictures or reference show it to your photographer so that they get the idea what you want from them? 
2.Selection of Photographer:             "It is the photographer,
        not the camera,
             That is the Instrument."
The Most important aspect of photo shoot "the Photographer" she/he is the one who makes your ordinary looking picture into a picturesque portrait.Certain pointers you should keep in mind before the selection of photographer.
  1. Crosscheck or verify the past work of photographer go through their page so you get an idea about their work.
  2. Second important thing is to know they carry which type of camera and lenses if you didn't have any idea about camera and lenses than take the person who knew anything about it.
  3. Discuss the time of the shoot with photographer your kid is comfortable in morning or evening,best time for shoot is between 4-6 pm by that time your kid is settled done with the feed  and nap.
  4. Discuss about the charges at earliest and finalize them according to your budget.if their is any hidden cost please discuss it earlier so that it didn't create any ruckus later.
  5. You should at-least talk to 2-3 photographers so that you can compare and select the best.
  6. It's always better to ask for soft and hard copy.
3. Selection of place:It's your choice whether to do your shoot inside or outside,choose the place as per your and your child convenience .If your kid is fine with outdoor setup than  nothing is better than that,picture always comes beautiful in natural light,And at home or at studio they will feel more safe and secure with their near and dear ones.Parks are best place for the shoot and there you will get swing and slides where baby can enjoy if they get bored while doing shoot and you will get some real time candid moments.

4.Decoration and Prop preparation: Decorate the room as per your theme that you have decided for the shoot and discuss further about your theme and decorations with the photographer.Decorate the room with buntings,banners,monthly pictures of baby,and balloons but be careful with the balloons as when they burst the child may get scared from the sound.Prepare the props whatever you required for your photo shoot,do not over do the decorations and don't add so much props because sometimes child get distracted with them but always kept their favorite toys,and book.

5.Dress Selection and and Change:Select the dress of your kids and yours as per the theme,don't overdo its baby's photo shoot let him/her be the center of attraction.Choose the comfortable,soft and cottony dress in which he/she feels fine,dress with more of sequins work and glitters can cause irritation and rashes to them and choose the dress as per the weather and time of the day.If its summer than soft and cottony dress is fine but in winter you required layers for them in form of nice jackets and sweaters with cute bunny caps.Your whole family can twin the dress with the kid,twinning is so much in fashion these days.Go for only 2-3 change more than that will irritate your child and than he will not cooperate with you in the shoot

6.Make Child Comfortable: This happened with us Baby AJ was not comfortable with one of the member of photography team when he saw he started crying so first we make him comfortable with that guy so that AJ can enjoy the shoot without being cranky.
  • If your going outdoor for the shoot take your child favorite food item,water bottle,favorite toys,book and one extra toy for him/her.
  • Always keeps your baby carrier handy if your baby wants to be with you can easily snuggle him in it and can offer feed also.
  • Photo shoot is a tiring process if baby wants to take nap in between let him/her take their own sweet little time because when they got will be more relaxed and refreshed and full of energy.
  • Photo shoot is outside or inside let them explore the place than you will get more beautiful candid don't force them to sit at place and pose for you.
7.Enjoy the shoot: Whatever or how precisely you plan there will be some lacuna's so just stop worrying and enjoy whether its your baby's first birthday shoot or newborn shoot,this is time which you can capture in the reel forever and ever.We really enjoyed our baby's first birthday shoot with the family and i am looking forward for more shoots together.
                                                Live life
take pictures
relive memories

I hope you like my blog on photo shoot i tried to catch up all the point if i missed something please pour you advice and suggestion.Show some love by leaving your comments.
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