Monday, 13 November 2017

A Letter to Son

Dearest Son
 Ma loves you a lot more than you can imagine of,you are the reason of my smile,laugh and cry nowadays you make my life more beautiful and fill it with vivid colors.You make me more responsible and sensible woman after having you my life got the new meaning and dimensions,you make my life worth living.
On the day of your birth i was quite tensed and anxious because my was little complicated pregnancy but when i heard your cry for the first all the pains,tensions gone in the vain,i was not the first one to hold you in my arms when we met after almost one hour and i saw you first i was totally amazed and astonished i had never ever seen such a cute and beautiful baby in my whole life, after holding you first time in my arms and when the nurse kept you besides me for the first feed i felt so complete and my eyes were full of joyous tear.

You are the answers to my prayers of five long years and the most wonderful outcome of my struggles that i faced before having you.After your birth i was so confused how to i handle you and how will i take care of my little bub,you were so tiny my squish that i was afraid of you to lift and hold.But you are a one strong baby you not only understood me very well but supported me also you never ever cried for the whole night or never wake up int he middle of night and start playing.

You are such a happy go lucky baby every morning you woke up with broad smile on your face and whole days smiles and laugh and make my motherhood journey more joyous and full of fun.
Slowly and gradually we both started understand each other and become best of buddies and now after one year only looking at your face i can understand what going on in your mind and you too know me very well because you are the one who knows how my heart sounds from inside.

You are the one made our house into home,now my place is full of laughter,giggles and fun.You makes our every morning very special and nights more cheerful.Me and your papa enjoying the  parenthood at its fullest,I didn't know where this last one year has gone from a tiny little squish now you have grown up into a toddler.You are growing up way too fast my baby please be little slow let me love you,hug you and kiss you little more.

On your first birthday i wish you all the happiness,love health and fun in abundance.I wish you all the success in your life but at the same time i wish you never get afraid of failures accept them they are the parts and parcels of life make your own mistake and learn from them and stand up again to achieve more bigger success in your life.I wish you work as hard as possible but party as harder as you can,and never miss the fun essence of your life be a little childish always don't let this this harsh and rude society to ruin your innocence.

I wish you can differentiate what is right and what is wrong and always take stand for your own decisions,do not get influenced by other think,repeat and act.I wish you always give respect to your elders and love to the little ones but you should know to whom you have to give respect and love it will be never enforced on you it will be always your choice.I wish you to be more kind,humane and sane towards the every strata of the society.

I know you are very small to understand all this things but still i wish you all this that when you grow up into an individual you will understand what your mommy wants to convey.I want you to know that i love you to the moon and back,you are the apple of my eye,you are the most most special person of my life.

I gave birth to you,but you didn't come with instructions.
I know i made mistakes along the way,and for those i am sorry.
I pray you understand that they came from me not a lack of love.
From the moment you were born my heart was yours.
I looked in your eyes and saw all my dreams and hopes come alive in you.
I love you more than you will ever know!
For now for always.

Happy first birthday Arinjay
Lots of love
Your Mommy.


  1. That’s beautiful letter.. I am sure he will have tears when he reads and understands

  2. Beautifully said...when things are bonded from heart...they are fantastic...keep going!!

  3. This one so good that I started thinking that I should not waste time, but write letters to both my kids. Very well written 👍

  4. Such a beautiful share from a mom to her son..he would love it when he will read..i would surely write for my girl

  5. this is such a beautifully written letter ..and your thoughts you could pen down so beautifully i would love to write a letter to my son someday i wish i can pen down this perfeclty my feelings

  6. Happy Birthday to little one. First of all pics are awesome. And I love the way you have expressed your thoughts. This is such a sweet post.

  7. Such a heartfelt letter. Wishing little A and you a very happy first birthday. Your letter took me back to the day my daughter was born. Beautiful. <3

  8. This is a heartfelt post. Very sweet letter. I loved the poem at the end.I am sure your son will cherish this once he grows up.

  9. Such a sweet letter. So glad you penned down your thoughts on this day. I am sure Arinjay will find it so cute to read when he grows up. Lovely name he has been given.

  10. Such a beautiful day ur son wil hv tears readin this an wil be proud to hv u as his mom

  11. What a wonderful letter. We just celebrated my son's first birthday and I can resonate with your thoughts. Much love to you & your beautiful family.

  12. Aww that was a touching letter. Beautifully written mommy. Birthday wishes for lil one.