Saturday, 3 March 2018

Letter to my Older Self
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You can Find me somewhere in Between Inspiring others,
Working on Myself, Dodging Negativity,
And Slaying My Goals.
Hi Sonam,
How are you doing? It’s been a long time since we have talked to each other. So today I have decided to write a letter to you. Let me tell you, you are doing an amazing job. It’s been 33 years you are here in this world and you are doing great indeed! I am so proud of you, I really feel as a girl child to your parent, sister to your brother, wife to your husband, daughter-in-law to your in laws, mother to your child, friend to your friends and colleague to your office mates you are fabulous.

It just feels like yesterday, when you were in grade 5th playing with dolls and in 10th standard going out for a school picnic.
In college you were dreaming about your future, which subject to choose for further studies, which college to apply for?
Which company to join?
Discussing about your travel plans in future?
Talking about your crushes with friends?
Going out for your first date and after coming back and telling them the stories about your day?

Years have gone in minutes but memories of moments are still fresh in your eyes. Feels like everything is passed in a blink of an eye. But, you are always so content in what you had and feel good about yourself, and what you have achieved in the past 33 years. Your prized possessions are your family, your friends, your husband man and your little boy. Still the bright future is waiting for you and some big surprises are there for you in the future.

You are a good dancer and performed officially first time on the stage at the age of 30 after taking classes from a renowned academy, so there is no age for learning… There are so many skills which you still want to learn but first and foremost on which you want to focus on is your writing skills. You have started writing from last 8 months but still there is large scope of improvement. There are so many areas of writing on which you have to work upon, for this you have to join some online program for beginners.
Second thing which every mother would like to work on is their cooking skills. As your son is
Growing up and he has developed taste for food, and he easily get bored by the monotonous taste. So you have to learn how to cook varied and scrumptious food for him.

Goals which you want to achieve for yourself in recent future is a good health. Good health is the thing which always remains with you and, if you regularly work towards achieving good health it not only improves your physical wellbeing but as well as your mental and emotional wellbeing also. “Good Health is Wealth” this quote which you have to follow.
Next Goal for you is to run in a Marathon. I know you have got this special corner for athlete and sportsman, though you were not interested in sports in your childhood days. By seeing their dedication and discipline to live healthy life, you started admiring them. I know running gives you an adrenaline rush, so I want you to start again with your running and exercise regime.

I know Sonam you like and want to travel the different places. After having son, you want to visit places with him and try the different varieties of food and cuisine available locally. Want to explore every nook and corner of the strange city with your family and to make memories for yourself and for your kid. This is the time when you should start contemplating to achieve this goal. So that you can write travelogue when you will be in your 50’s.

Few things which I want you to stop doing is not to get hyper, you lose your calm easily. You are a one short tempered girl, but now you are a mother also so you have to behave accordingly. Your son will learn, what he sees. Now it’s up to you how you want to raise your kid.

There are the certain things, that you should start doing for yourself. Please be consistent with your exercise and diet regime. I want you start doing something for society, you can join some NGO and start giving them your services as per your convenience. You can teach or can give tuitions to some under privileged kids.
Start visiting parlor and spas regularly, its high time you should pampered yourself and take out some me time which is good for you emotional and mental wellbeing. I know It’s tough being in nuclear set up with an active toddler but you should focus on yourself also.

I know you have fear of being judged and fear of acceptance. Let it be everyone has flaws, no one is perfect. Start living with your flaws, don’t be ashamed, don’t feel guilty. Just accept yourself and try to love yourself as much as you can. If you accept yourself, no one has the power to demean you.

A piece of advice I would like to give you. Give second chance to some relationships, which were fallen apart due to some misunderstanding and miscommunication. Life is short so you cannot carry this grudges and burden of ill-fated relationship every time, try to resolve it as soon as possible.
Let Bygones, be Bygones

And always remember “Main Apni Favorite Huu”

Lots of Loves, Kisses and Hugs

This blog post is a part of #womendayblogparty. I would like to thank Cheni Adukia for introducing me,and request you to go and read her amazing post on Letter to my Darling Daughter.

And Would Like to introduce Mandavi,do go and read her post

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  1. Excellent
    Yes we should always remember

  2. Wow..simply superb...will must keep in my mind from now" Mei apni fvrt hun"

  3. Good going sis, why the scrumptious food only for kid and not for us

  4. It's a b e a yootiful post...fantastic

  5. Loved reading this one ❤️

  6. Self love is my mantra too! It’s been a life changing decision for me and I have seen the magical impact in everything I do. Good luck with the marathon! Learning dancing at 30 sure sounds awesome

  7. really loved your post ❤️ Main Apni Favorite Huu”.

  8. Nice blog,,same sentiments should keep creating good memories.
    Happy women's week

  9. Lovely writeup. Yeah, we all have a fear of being judged but again no one is perfect. You write so good. Kudos to you

  10. I would tell myself to be a calmer person too if I write myself a letter. Thanks for particiapting in the blog party

  11. I have lost many a person and relationship to small misunderstandings which seem so petty now. Rekindling those are so important. This is a lovely letter.
    Thanks for joining in our #WomensDayBlogParty