Monday, 21 August 2017

Weight Loss Journey

Your Body Is A Temple,
               A Gift From God.
You Will be Blessed,
               As you Care for It.
I realized and understood the meaning of this quote quite later in my life.
Hi now you all know me,who i am and how i fought with my fertility issues in the last blog that was a brief introduction of my journey.I am a new mommy blogger as you can say , who likes to share the beautiful experiences of my life with you all especially about how i manage to loose weight,how i dealt with fertility and pregnancy issues  and most importantly how i am enjoying my motherhood with baby AJ.Though i have started writing late baby AJ already turned 9 months also but still everything in my mind is as fresh as it happened a moment ago.                                                                                                                   
In this blog i will write about my weight loss journey .How i lost the stubborn fat,controlled my cravings & started eating more healthy food.
I am a chubby and plumpy kid from my childhood days.Yeah you know when you are a kid everybody likes your baby fat and that chubby cheeks too.But problem starts on the onset of teenage. There is a huge change in your body because of hormones.We lived in a small town where there is not much scope of sports and other activities especially for girls,so i just sat at home,watched television and have all the junk i could have which helped in increasing my circumference,so this is how my weight gain journey started.I cross my high school and come to bhopal for further education.
In bhopal ,I joined a college and was in hostel for almost 2.5 years .Because of the food provided to us by our mess committee, i lost some weight.Its a new place and i am away from home which helps me in loosing some more grams but was quite happy in my skin. All I was concerned about was my future,job and all the fancy dreams which a girl has during their college days.
After finishing college I joined a job and when got the salary decided to join the gymnasium  which is very near to my place.I am very enthusiastic this time that i am doing something for myself,went to market bought some workout attire though they all were local brand not the trendy one from adidas and nike.But i somewhere read that shoes should be comfortable and good enough so i bought them from reebok showroom.
So this is how my gymnasium journey started,gym was not as fancy as shown in the tv,we have to wait for our turns on the treadmill and stepper,the trainers were not that much educated about the exercise and diet regime but anyways i continue going to the gym regularly for around 3 years but didnt loose much but was pretty happy that i lost some inches.I would like to add here that though i am plumpy enough but i look cute and good altogether and i am very much comfortable in my skin.
In the year 2011 i got married and shifted to pune,as you all know  after marriage one whole  year is considered as honeymoon period .I ate the ghee  laden sweets,relished the lunches and dinners at families and friends house 
and explored all the restaurants of the town no nook and corner was left untouched.i am a big time foodie after reading my blog you will come to know that.
The problem starts when we think of to have another precious human in our life.We consulted with every doctor . I got operated twice but the problem remained the same.One fine day a doctor told me  that fertility issue is secondary major problem is your weight you have to do something to loose some fat so that we can move further.I was so desperate to have baby that I got ready to do anything. even I was ready for bariatric surgery  i knew which was even more harmful.That is the time i came to knew that why there is saying "Health is Wealth".Nowadays because of our sedentary lifestyle we are getting this new era lifestyle diseases.
I tried everything joined gym for zumba,got myself enrolled for dance class but everything was in vain though they helped me a little but significant result was not coming,finally I decided to consult with a dietician who peacefully listen to my problem ,discuss my diet schedulde especially my food intake  and then prepared my diet chart according to it by that time i came to know that to loose weight you dont have to loosen your mind.Weightloss is possible only with the help of 70% of your diet control and 30% of physical workout.
I joined a weightloss group on facebook which really helped me a lot . From there I came to know that working woman who had time constraint can workout at home also very effectively according to our comfort. So then very dedicatedly I started following my diet as per my dietician. I will really praise my dietician because she prepared my diet chart according to my eating habits. It had nothing fancy which I don't know how to cook. According to her whatever we were eating from our childhood day we have to eat that only but in limited quantity.
With the help of fitness videos uploaded on youtube , I started my workout journey. Every week I went to my dietician place and check the weight . There are the day when I lost 1-1.5 kgs but there were days when I hardly lost 200-300 gms. She changed my diet every week according to my progress. Every Sunday is my cheat day when I can relish food of my choice. I have got this sweet tooth so I eat sweets and Ice-creams of my choice.Slowly and steadily I started enjoying my journey . I used to eagerly wait for Sundays so that I can check how I lost my weight and what new for me in my dietician pitara. So in total 10 months , I lost around 11kgs from 79.6 to 68 Kgs and of course lots and lots of inches also. I started feeling very confident and good about myself.
There was a time in my life when I asked my husband , brother and other family members that " ke yeh jo ladki jaa rahee hai kya main itni moti hoon".I didn't know whether I am body shaming myself or others  but yes I felt that way. But now I know , your outer appearance doesn't matter. If you're comfortable and feel good about yourself , nobody can dare to make you belittle about your body.
So for me now it's not that I want to become slim and trim or size zero. I want more healthy and more fitter me , so that I can play with my baby and set example for him about good health. Nowadays mantra of my life  :-
      " To me Beauty is about
         Being Comfortable In your own skin.
         It's about knowing and accepting
               WHO YOU ARE"
                                          - Ellen Degeneres


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