Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Being Ma

 Being Ma is god's greatest virtue to the woman but I'm not that lucky one struggle with fertility issues for 3.5 years but constant support from my husband,family
& friends really help me to overcome the issue. Diagnosed with PCOD,Unicornuate Uterus & weight issues from childhood days I'm on heavier side which made my problem even worst. Operated twice firstly for the Myomectomy (removal of fibroid from the fund is of uterus) & second time for polypectomy (removal of polyps) but everything gone in vain because I can't conceive after first surgery & after polypectomy Doctor said I should go either for IVFor surrogacy it's quite difficult for me to get pregnant naturally but firstly I need to loose some weight... I choose to loose weight first met with dietician discuss my case with her she planned diet for me & through home workout (thanks to YouTube home workout videos) helped me lot to loose those extra weight,within 10 months I lost 11kgs (from 79.6 to 68kgs) & hell lots of inches... After loosing weight decided to go for IVF because every month I tried & check with pregnancy strip the result was zero,when finally I decided & took an appointment for my visit to fertility clinic my best friend told me to wait for one more month believing on her faith I waited for one more month & finally got to see that two positive line on strip... After going through all test Doctor also confirmed that WE are pregnant.. On 5th November 2016 after 39 weeks I delivered Baby AJ exactly a day before my 5th anniversary that was day from when my journey towards Being Ma begins.


  1. Your words will inspire other women who are having hard times in conceiving

  2. Truly inspiring and definitely brave..!!!